Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Callum's Descriptive Paragraph

Year Three were asked to write a descriptive paragraph containing:

7 nouns,               horses grass forest night trees mane hooves
6 verbs,                moving, running, sprinting galloping blowing following bolted
5 adjectives,         dead white black streak fast four blurry wild thudding
4 conjunctions,     and, but, yet, or
3 adverbs,            speedily, rapidly, beautifully, elegantly,
2 time adverbials, first, final third, secondly,
1 simile,                as quick as lightning                                                        

Here is Callum's writing:
One dark, eerie night, a group of wild horses stood motionless in the glowing moonlight. At first everything seemed calm and beautifully peaceful, but something was not quite right. Suddenly, something dark emerged from the gloomy forest yet it was just a farmer looking for some new horses. As quick as lightning, the horses turned and swiftly fled, galloping at top speed, their manes wildly flapping as they ran and their hooves thudding on the dead grass beneath them. Eventually, they slowed their pace and came to a stop beyond the forest having finally outrun the dark figure from the forest. Everything was calm and peaceful, or was it? 

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