Thursday, 18 January 2018

Persuading The Teacher

As part of our persuasive writing lessons 3JC/DA wrote to their teacher to persuade them to let the class have some extra time on the Adventure Playground. Here are three examples of their attempts:

Mr Ainscow,

Please can you take us on the Adventure Playground because you have been working hard by teaching us. Mr Ainscow you will get some fresh air if you take us to go on the adventure. Mr Ainscow can you take us to go to the adventure playground because you will get fit.


Please can you bring us onto the Adventure Playground. I promise we will all wear our coats and be very careful. You really deserve to get a run around for being such a good Assistant Headteacher.


Dear Mr Ainscow

Please could we go on the Adventure playground. Firstly, we get some fresh air and you will have some time off your boring job. Finally, you will not have to shout at naughty children.


Dear Mr Ainscow,

You and Mrs Cook are the best teachers in the world. I think you and our class should have a break from all our work and we would like to go on the Adventure Playground because we haven’t been first in ages. We would really like it if we’re allowed. We all promise we’ll be really, really, really, really good.


We shall have to see if their efforts get them what they want!

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