Thursday, 21 September 2017

3JC-DA Gargoyle Poems

Early this term, 3JC/DA have been writing poems about Gargoyles. We based it on a poem we read as a class and then wrote poems concentrating on using adjectives and nouns to create exciting descriptions.

Here are some of our examples:


Stuffy grey spotty hard gargoyle

Sat on the highest peak!

As silent as the wind

Great anger, safely looking among us!

Forgotten, magnificent creature!

By Tia C


The still strong gargoyle sitting by the roof.

One rocky gargoyle sits as still as a stone.

Two grey gargoyles looking down.

Three hard gargoyles waiting patiently.

Four dangerous gargoyles.

By John P


Large protector,    

Grey protector, 

As scary as a statue,

A holy creature,     

A still beast.

By Mimi S

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