Friday, 29 January 2016

Fitzwilliam / Sedgewick Museum Visit

Year Three enjoyed their trip to Cambridge to visit the Fitzwilliam and Sedgwick Museums as part of our work on Ancient Egypt in history and Rocks and Soils in science.

At the Fitzwilliam Museum, children were fascinated by the Ancient Egyptian artefacts, particularly the mummy cases. They enjoyed travelling back in time with an expert from the museum and many children asked interesting questions, showing their level of engagement.

At the Sedgwick Museum, children took part in a range of fun activities and especially enjoyed visiting the room full of crystals and seeing the huge dinosaur at the Museum's entrance!

The Year Three teachers were impressed with the behaviour and manners displayed by the children and were pleased to see how much the children benefitted from the learning experience.

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  1. Exciting and a very interesting trip challenging and new experiences for the children. Thank you for keeping their mind open to learning and discovering..
    Best Wishes